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Client Testimonials

"I was on the Bill Good system for about seven years and had nothing but problems. After a very thoroughly due diligence process of all the contact management systems available I decided to go with Act4Advisors. Why did I wait so long? This system has done nothing but make life easier and helps my business grow. I've told several friends if they buy the system and don't like it I will pay for it (I'm that sure of it). One of the best things about the system is you can customize it the way you want to an you don't have to be a computer genius. Scott, I want to thank you and ALL of your staff for the fine job you do. "
Eric Baertels, CRPC, CIMA
Vice President-Investements
Financial Planner


"As an Act4Advisors user I have been a satisfied customer for years. I am not very technical and so from time to time I need technical assistance. I have had the good fortune to be serviced by Scott Abboud himself but more often than not it has been Allied Financial Software Support who is absolutely the best. Recently I have run into problems due to operating system changes and the need to use encryption to protect client information. During this conversion I have run into numerous snags and the Act4advisors support team has been great."

"Thank you very much."

George Doria-Medina
Life Event Financial
Financial Planner


"As an IT professional I am often frustrated by technical support staff who are either condescending or not knowledgeable. Allied Financial Software's Wendy Deemer was extremely helpful and understanding when we installed Act4Advisors, including the inevitable Windows system problems. She was patient as we walked through each step of the installation and data conversion, and followed up to make sure no data was lost. Worth every penny! "

Brett Varney
Untangle Your Web
IT Consultant


"As a long time user of Act4Advisors, I find the software invaluable. With numerous features that help me keep in touch with my clients, helps me stay informed on my clients, and helps me to manage my office. Act4Advisors is the very best software. Allied Financial Software, Inc. provides great support for the little problems that I had. I highly recommend it. "

Pat Shea
Dollars and Sense Financial Services
Financial Planner


"Act4Advisors has helped my business more than any other software I have purchased. I can't imagine running a financial planning business without it and the tech support is world class. "

Tory Viso
North Ranch Financial
Financial Planner


"Thanks for your help. Your product is great and we wouldn't be able to function without it. You have a client for life with us."

Claudia L. Pope, AIAA, ACS
Lesjak Financial
Financial Planner


"Act4Advisors paid for itself the first week it went to work for me; I truly feel that I was able to hold off hiring another assistant by adding this software to my professional arsenal. I've already recommended Act4Advisors to other advisors I know and I will continue to do so."

Dean Charron
New York Life
Financial Planner


"I have experience with Broker's Alley as well as the Bill Good System and have found that Act4Advisors combines the best of the two... the ease of Broker's Alley with the depth of Bill Good's software. Act4Advisor's support staff is exceptional as well. Friendly, patient, and knowledgeable."

Keith Becker
Smith Barney
Financial Planner


"The product is excellent! I’m very impressed. Microsoft Outlook has a lot to learn from Act! And your file management and client management interface is very well done." "Many thanks for your support."

Paul Carroll
Efficient Wealth Management
Financial Planner


"While calling around for software demos, I was surprised how much the people at Allied knew about the products on the market. They helped me focus on an asset allocation program that has increased my assets under management and helped me deliver services the big brokerages firms can't compete with."

Randy Rathmann
Financial Planner


"If I knew what I know now, I would have called Scott Abboud at AFS a lot sooner. He helped us find a portfolio management software program that fits our needs as financial planners."

Dale Alexander, CLU, CFP
Dunwoody Brokerage
Financial Planner


"Scott Abboud knows his business. His Act4Advisors interface has allowed us to fully utilize our client and contact management software program. Scott's interface for Act! has saved us hours of work in developing our own."

Kent Kraus
MBA SunAmerica Securities
Financial Planner


"Act4Advisors is an incredible resource for building stronger relationships with clients resulting in an increase in referral business. Truly impressed with your forward thinking!"

Jerry Boda, CFP
Boda Financial
Financial Planner


"I have found that Act4Advisors not only excels in managing my sales development, but also in compliance. As a former compliance officer, I have always maintained that good compliance = good sales. Your software helps in tracking every aspect of the sales process, makes it easy to follow up with client service, and easy to maintain complete records (including contemporaneous notes). A Winner!! Every broker-dealer should require its reps to use this software!"

Bill Cantrell
First Midwest Securities, Inc.
Financial Planner


"After spending a great deal of time on an ongoing basis attempting to personally modify ACT to meet my needs, I found a simple solution that I wish I had found months ago; Act4Advisors. The program is well organized and complete providing me with a comprehensive picture of my client's situation. "

"Keep up the good work!"

Edward C. Goldstein*
Lincoln Financial Advisors
Financial Planner

ACT! Certified Consultant Testimonials

"Reach out to Act4Advisors. You'll find them to be a great company and they will help you a lot. Their product has been around for a long time and they have many happy clients."

Steve Stroz
Gold Coast Advisors
Chicago, IL
ACT! Certified Consultant


"Good product. Solid company behind it. Much better than ACT!'s excuse for a financial professionals vertical."

Edward Kachinske
College Park, MD
ACT! Certified Consultant


"I did take on a client early this year and sold them A4A. The client raved about how well the application matched his flow, the kind of accolade I like. The client had nothing prior to the implementation and now feels like he has a sales engine for the company. For the client he gets an intelligent environment in which to work for 10% of what it would cost to build it from scratch ... financial advisors like that kind of return."

Bevan Wistar
Baltimore, MD
ACT! Certified Consultant

Act4Advisors FAQ

Q. What is the Act4Advisors Addon for ACT!?

A. Created by Allied Financial Software, Inc. (AFS), Act4Advisors is a customized ACT! database, layouts, reports, queries and other plugin files designed specifically for financial services professionals who use the ACT! software. Act4Advisors eliminates the time needed to customize the ACT! database.

Q. Why should I consider a contact management system?

A. Contact management systems organize time and client data. Most advisors are inundated with data and they must be able retain and access information quickly and easily. Without easy and fast access to client and prospect data, an advisor may lose critical information eventually costing the advisor a lost sale, a lost client or a lost career. ACT! combined with the Act4Advisors add-on helps you manage relationships by managing data and processes. With ACT!, you can: Remind yourself to call a special client on his birthday. Send out a disclosure letter to a new prospect. Enter a time stamped note about a concern the client has regarding a particular type of investment. Keep a history of every meeting, call, letter, email and task you have completed for the contact. Attach any electronic document to the contact for easy retrieval. Delegate a task to your assistant to send a welcome package to a new client and find out if and when it was sent. Keep in constant contact with your best clients and prospects. Contact Management Systems will help you better organize your current system of managing contact/relationships helping your business grow and flourish.

Q. I already use ACT! but why should I consider Act4Advisors?

A. When you purchase ACT!, the basic ACT! database comes with only a few predefined fields that allow you to keep track of names, addresses, phone numbers and email address. To add or modify data fields and the layouts, the software requires customization. This customization demands extensive knowledge and time… time that most advisors don’t have to spare. Act4Advisors IS an ACT! database but it includes over 400 data fields specific to the financial professional’s practice. Fields added include contact, spouse and children information such as dates of birth and social security numbers, fields for account numbers and account registrations, insurance policies, net worth, securities held, suitability information and much more. Because Act4Advisors is used by thousands of other financial services professionals, it has become a “standardized” ACT! database. This allows us (or anyone else) to create interfaces to third party software programs and platforms. Without a standardized database, interfaces can only be written individually for each user’s database. This keeps industry platforms from interfacing with your ACT!.

Q. Can I import my existing data into Act4Advisors?

A. Most often, yes.

ACT! has an import wizard allowing the importing of data from several sources. The existing data can be other ACT! databases, Comma or Tab delimited text files (ASCII), Microsoft Outlook, Palm Desktop and dBase III-V. Importing from another ACT! database will bring in all of your old notes, histories, activities, groups and any other data you have that can be “mapped” to the Act4Advisors fields. If you are using another database program, we may be able to import your data for an additional fee. As ACT! Certified Consultants, Allied Financial Software, Inc. can also import data from other third party programs such as Goldmine, dbCAMS+, EZ Data’s Client Data System and SmartOffice, FDP’s Contact Partner, Junxure, Brokers Helper, Brokers Ally and many more. Contact us at 800.831.7636 for more information or fill out a request form.

Q. Can I customize Act4Advisors?

A. YES. Since Act4Advisors IS an ACT! database, you can add your own customization. Also, Act4Advisors is compatible with most other ACT! add-ons giving you even more functionality and extensibility options.

Q. Can ACT! work with my PDA?

A. Yes. ACT! has built in integration with Windows Mobile Devices and Palm devices. Alternately, you can purchase an add-on program to interface ACT! to your Blackberry device or iPhone. Synchronization with these add-ons is available via both wired and internet sync.

Q. I often travel and am away from the office without internet connection. How can I access my database?

A. ACT! includes a feature for database synchronization. When you leave the office, your database on your laptop can record changes. When you are back in the office, you can synchronize your laptop database with the main database. Changes made to either database will merge into both.

Q. We have remote offices. How can we all share database?

A. There are several options for remote users including synchronization; remote access programs such as Gotomypc, Remote Desktop or you can alternately license a web version of ACT!

Q. What is the Act4Advisors' support policy?

A. Allied Financial Software, Inc. currently offers free telephone support for 30 days after purchase for installation issues only. After 30 days up to 12 months, any support issues that are sent to us via email or web site will incur no charge. After 30 days from purchase, telephone support is optionally offered under two options: Per Incident Support or Annual Support. Click here for more complete details on Act4Advisors' support policy > All support options allow us to connect to your computer (only with your approval of course). Remote access allows us to see your computer’s desktop and move your mouse. This saves you time and allows us to resolve issues quickly.

Q. What is the return policy for Act4Advisors?

A. We provide a conditional 30 day money back guarantee for the Act4Advisors Addon for ACT! software. This guarantee requires that you return the software, installation instructions and sales receipt for proper credit. Click here for more complete details on Act4Advisors return policy >

Q. What are the system requirements for Act4Advisors?

A. Since ACT! is the underlying program, Act4Advisors will follow Sage Software’s requirements for the version of ACT! you are using. Click here for ACT! 2009 System Requirements > We do recommend higher requirements for a better computing experience. ACT! 2009 and greater will work on Windows XP Home or Professional 32bit, Windows Vista 32 or 64bit, or Windows7 32 or 64bit. For workstations, we recommend Windows XP 32bit running a Pentium 4 2ghz processor or greater with at least 1GB of RAM. For Windows Vista workstations, we recommend 32bit and at least 2GB of RAM Servers running Windows Server 2003 or 2008 are supported.

Q. What other software does ACT! work with?

A. ACT! 2009 and 2010 works with MS Office 2003 and 2007. ACT! 2011 works with MS Office 2010. It allows integration with MS Word, MS Excel and MS Outlook.

Act4Advisors also works with Laser App and QuikForms

Addons for ACT!

Professional solutions that will help you get the most out of your ACT! software
Addons for ACT! blend seamlessly with ACT! letting you customize ACT! to the way you do business. Click here for a complete list of Addons for ACT!

ACT Email Connect

ACT! Email Connect

With ACT! Email Connect for MS Outlook, you can start your Outlook email directly in ACT! and send email from Outlook or send and attach to ACT!. No ACT! email client or ACT! addressbook is needed.
More Details | Buy Now


Sync Your iPhone with ACT!


Sync your ACT! CRM data with all the latest Blackberry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Palm OS devices, or with Microsoft Outlook.
More Details | Buy Now


Mondo ACT! Training Videos

ACT! Training Videos

Mondo Media provides ACT! training videos that help sales professionals, information technology professionals and customer service staff get the most out of ACT! software.
More Details | Buy Now


Sync your Blackberry with ACT!

Handheld Contacts

ACT! for Blackberry, Pocket PC, and Treo Smartphones! Simple, reliable and secure. Handheld Contact is the best solution for getting ACT! on your phone.
More Details | Buy Now

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